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1901 Reunion of Quantrill's Men

Images Copyright Unknown, Courtesy of Harry S. Truman Library.

1901 Quantrill Reunion

The 1901 Quantrill Reunion was held September 23-24, 1901 at Little Blue Church (3 miles from Blue Springs and some 8 miles northwest of Oak Grove) in a grove of trees where Quantrill is said to have addressed his men after Halleck's order proscribed "No Quarter" for Guerrillas.

Some 30 members of Quantrill's command as well as a number of friends, family and well- wishers attended the two-day affair. William Gregg, Republican Deputy Sheriff of Jackson County was reelected President.

Frank James is pictured in the center of the front row.

1906 Reunion of Quantrill's Men

10-1 P/O B.S. George SR Collection, State Historical Society of Missouri

The 1906 Quantrill Reunion

Pictured above are some of the approximately 30 veterans of Quantrill's command who attended the 1906 Quantrill Reunion held at and near the Independence, Missouri Public Square.

Among those who have been identified are John Hicks George (4th from right, front row), William Gregg (5th from right, front row) and perhaps Ben Morrow (6th from right, front row). The back row includes John Noland (far right, back row), Hiram James George (2nd from right, back row) and perhaps James Webb (3rd from right, back row). The boy in front is almost certainly B. J. George, the son of Hiram James George.

The building in the background still stands, largely unaltered, just off the southeast corner of the Independence Public Square at at about 103 East Lexington.

1911 Reunion of Quantrill's Men

Images Copyright Unknown, Courtesy of Harry S. Truman Library.

1911 Quantrill Reunion

The 1911 Quantrill Reunion was held August 18-19, 1911 on the schoolhouse grounds at Blue, Springs, Missouri.

Some 37 members attended all or part of the two-day event. It was estimated that as of this date perhaps only 90 men who had served with Quantrill were still living. Ben Morrow of Lake City, Missouri was elected President.

Which remaining Pioneers of Quantrill's band is pictured above is not positively known.


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