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Higginsville Confederate Memorial
Confederate Memorial in the cemetery at Higginsville, Missouri.

Interesting facts and questions relating to William Clarke Quantrill and the War of Northern Aggression.

Where is William Clarke Quantrill buried …

William Clarke Quantrill rests at the Confederate Veteran's Memorial Cemetery at Higginsville, Missouri.

Is William Clarke Quantrill's entire body in the same place …


Was William Clarke Quantrill married to Kate King …

On page 180 of "The Civil War Quiz and Fact Book", by Rod Gragg, he states, when Quantrill was killed in 1864, he left $500.00 to Kate Clarke (Quantrill's mother's maiden name, which she may have used) with which she reportedly financed a brothel. In this reference she is described as his girlfriend.

Where in Kentucky was William Clarke Quantrill killed …

John Edwards well-known book, "Noted Guerillas" page 428, states that on the 11th day of June, 1865, at Bedford Russell's in Nelson County, Kentucky, Captain Edward Terrell and his men came upon Quantrill and several of his men. In the ensuing battle Quantrill was mortally wounded.

Why have historians treated Quantrill's band so unkindly …

One must always remember history is written by the winner. Missouri was truly a divided state. In this instance, many of Quantrill's followers, or their families, had suffered great injustices from overzealous Union men. Many times men were accused of rebel leanings by neighbors. Though the accusations were untrue, their homes were burned or they were expelled from the county with no recourse. At this point they would became rebels if they weren't before.


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