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Waverly, Missouri

Statue of General JO Shelby in Shelby Memorial Park, Waverly, Missouri during the William Clarke Quantrill Society tour, 2016.

Waverly, Missouri

Wavery, Missouri Methodist Church where General JO Shelby swore in 1000 men. Seen on William Clarke Quantrill Society tour, 2016

The Waverly Methodist Church was built in 1858. Confederate Gen. JO Shelby's home and business were nearby. In 1861 Shelby raised his Cavalry on the porch of the church. The church was also used to store arms and ammunition for Shelby and his men.

Dover, Missouri

Plattenburg House, home of John N. Edwards, Dover, Missouri during William Clarke Quantrill Society tour, 2016.

Dover, Missouri

Member Jim Beckner speaking about John N. Edwards at Dover Cemetery, where Edwards is buried, during William Clarke Quantrill Society tour 2016.

Oak Grove, Missouri

Sharon Quinn and son JM Herman received the Capt. Napoleon Davis Award by President Harold Dellinger for research and flagging Confederate graves in Missouri at annual William Clarke Quantrill Society meeting, Oak Grove, 2016.

Harold Dillinger - Remembered

Harold Dillinger

Passantino Bros, Funeral Home at 2117 Independence Ave., Kansas City, Missouri, on Thursday, June 14th, from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. Burial will be in Lancaster, MO at a later date.

William Clarke Quantrill

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Winter 2017 Society Newsletter

Quantrill and his men
Images Copyright Unknown, Courtesy of Harry S. Truman Library.

The William Clarke Quantrill Society, Inc. is a Missouri Not-for-Profit corporation dedicated to the study of the Border War and the War of Northern Aggression on the Missouri-Kansas border with an emphasis on the lives of Quantrill, his men, his supporters, his adversaries, and the resulting historical record. We also collect and disseminate genealogical information about Quantrill, his men and their descendents.

Osceola, Missouri

Above: The Youngers would hide out in a cave which overlooked the Osage River near Monegaw Springs. On a high bluff was the Younger's Lookout where they could could see for miles.

The William Clarke Quantrill Society publishes a newsletter called the "No Quarterly," conducts an annual reunion, and cosponsors several other events. See our membership page for additional information.

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